Effective Contract Management

Name of Organisation: Colliers International Property

Location: 1 Bartholomew Lane, London, EC2N 2AX


We were appointed by Helix Property Advisors in July 2016 to provide front-of-house and 24/7 security provision at 1 Bartholomew Lane. The property was then later managed by Colliers and this continues to be the case.


When SmartSec took over the resource allocation at 1 Bartholomew Lane, there were two front-of-house receptionists and one security operative. It was soon evident that there was an imbalance in the receptionist and security officer posts. It was evident that there was a security risk as one officer was unable to check all passes of those entering the building. It is to be noted that there are no access control barriers to assist the officers with access control.   



We carried out a time and motion study to assess the number of visitors to the building and whether two receptionists were required. The aim was to explore the possibility of replacing one receptionist with a security presence to tighten access control.

After evaluating the security challenges, SmartSec recommended changing the management structure by adding a building manager to improve building security and enhance overall management. The new resource allocation included one security officer, one receptionist, and one Building Manager. During busy periods, the building manager or receptionist would assist with access control whilst the other dealt with visitors.

The security officer was responsible for monitoring all security systems in the building, including access control. The officer worked collaboratively with the building manager and receptionist to ensure all security protocols were followed and any security incidents were promptly dealt with.

The receptionist was responsible for managing the front-of-house desk, including greeting and directing visitors.

The Building Manager, on the other hand, managed overall building safety protocols and were also responsible for preparing and maintaining management information, which included providing performance measurement reports, maintenance of assignment instructions and attendance of monthly meetings with Colliers and SmartSec representatives.


The implementation of the new management structure had a significant impact on building security. The security officer’s role was more clearly defined, and they were better able to monitor all security aspects in the building. The new structure also allowed for an additional level of management, with the building manager playing a significant role in mitigating security threats and improving overall building safety by effectively managing the premises and the team on site.

The front-of-house receptionist’s role also evolved to focus more on visitor management, which improved the building’s security posture and customer service.

The resource reallocation improved the overall efficiency of 1 Bartholomew Lane. Any security or safety incidents were reported to the building manager, who would then work collaboratively with the security officer and receptionist to resolve the issue and complaints promptly.

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