Our blue chip clients operate in many spheres – international banking, asset management, facilities management – but they have one thing in common. Attention to detail. They expect the best receptionists, the most accommodating and polished concierges. Our staff are exceptionally presented and professional with excellent communication skills.

SmartSec Solutions work in concert with our customers to individually create reception and concierge teams. Every hand-picked team member is chosen for a deportment, personality and skill that perfectly match for your business. A warm and friendly welcome, efficient and faultlessly presented, awaits staff and every visitor to your building.

We manage every aspect of the recruitment and selection process, targeting experienced people with the skills you need:


Excellent host management


First class telephone techniques


Outstanding interpersonal skills


Flexible and value-driven

With uniforms tailored to suit your brand, our reception and concierge staff will present an impeccable first impression for your business.

Contact us today to arrange an interview and begin the selection process.