Security Contract Mobilisation

Name of Organisation: Helix, A Hines Company

Location: 20 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7AN


In July 2023, following a successful and proven service delivery model to Helix, we were awarded the security services for this prestigious City of London property. This case study focuses on the successful security contract mobilisation carried out by Smartsec Solutions for 20 Old Bailey and highlights how Smartsec Solutions effectively overcame numerous challenges to ensure a seamless start of the security contract from day one. It demonstrates Smartsec’s expertise in managing complex mobilisations and showcases Smartsec’s efficient and exceptional service delivery. 



The mobilisation of the security contract at 20 Old Bailey posed several significant challenges for Smartsec Solutions.

Limited Staff Transfer: Only 40% of the existing security staff were transferred over to Smartsec Solutions under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) regulations. This created a substantial staffing shortfall, as the company needed to recruit and staff over 50% of the core team along with a dedicated relief officers pool with new employees before the contract’s commencement. This posed a significant staffing challenge, as the company had to recruit and train over half of the positions with new hires.


To address these challenges, Smartsec Solutions implemented a comprehensive approach, which involved conducting a detailed review of the Assignment Instructions to gain a deep understanding of the client’s security requirements, performing thorough site surveys to assess the physical environment and potential security risks, conducting a comprehensive risk analysis to identify security threats and vulnerabilities, pinpointing weak points and security gaps through a vulnerability assessment, addressing staffing gaps by identifying specific positions that needed to be filled, carrying out a training needs analysis to develop tailored training programs for the new staff, implementing a stringent selection process to recruit high-calibre candidates, and providing comprehensive pre-deployment induction training to prepare all security staff for their roles.


The successful implementation of these strategies yielded a host of significant achievements for Smartsec Solutions,

Efficient Recruitment: Smartsec not only recruited but also efficiently trained a fully staffed security team, ensuring their readiness from the very first day of the contract.

Completion of Induction Training: A site-specific induction training program was thoughtfully delivered to heighten the preparedness and competence of the security staff, setting a solid foundation for their roles.

Assignment Instructions and Procedures: Smartsec’s proactive introduction of Assignment Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures well in advance of the start date facilitated a seamless transition, allowing for an organised and effective takeover.

Steady State Operation: The company’s dedication and careful planning led to the attainment of a steady state operation before the contract’s commencement, reducing potential disruptions and ensuring a smooth start.

On-site Launch Day Exercise: An on-site launch day exercise was executed on day one of the contract, showcasing operational readiness and instilling confidence in both the security team and the client.

Crime Prevention Day: Collaborating with the City of London Police, Smartsec hosted a Crime Prevention Day within the first month of the contract, not only enhancing security but also fostering positive community relations.

Satisfied Security Team: Smartsec successfully consolidated the security team, ensuring they were fully operational and aligned with the project’s goals.

Strong Client Relationship: The establishment of a robust and transparent communication channel between Smartsec and the client, Helix, a Hines Company, cultivated a strong and mutually productive relationship, underpinning the overall success of the endeavor.

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