Cycle to Work Scheme

We are very pleased to inform you that SmartSec has registered for the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme. The Government is commitment to increasing levels of active travel, such as cycling, which benefits have been reported to be substantial. For individuals, it means cheaper travel and better health. For businesses, it means increased productivity and increased footfall in shops. And for society as a whole it means lower congestion, better air quality, and vibrant, attractive places and communities.

How it works

  • SmartSec buys the cycle scheme package on behalf of the employees
  • The limit of the value of the bike and accessories is £500
  • The cost of the bike and any accessories will be recovered via salary sacrifice (a monthly reduction in the employee’s gross wages).
  • At the end of the hire period (12months) the employee will be given options to enable them to keep the bike. 

How to apply

  • Employees can apply for Cycle scheme on:
  • Employees will need to enter their details and digitally sign their Hire Agreement
  • Once approved by SmartSec an eCertificate is sent to the employee via email. This includes a redemption code that will enable you to securely collect or order (online) their package from their chosen retailer.
  • Please note the employee is responsible for contacting the bike shop and arranging collection or delivery.

The employe scheme is based on availability and subject to management approval.

Cycle to work