“Andrew Mark is a Front of House officer at 6 Bevis Marks. We would like to nominate him to employee of the month. Andrew presents professionalism and delivering exceptional service to the building. He is enthusiastic and focused on customer care with an approachable and friendly manner. As a part of the team he supports reception and security team and ensuring that standards are met. It has been noticed that Andrew has a positive attitude too and it is very much appreciated by the tenants Justyana Nunn”

“Diane at Halton House is amazing. Can’t really sum it any more than that! Everybody loves her especially the client and their agents which is unheard of at this building as you know We are just praying that no one else tries to tempt her away. Best Tim Porter”

Sabir, Just a quick line to thank you for being able to respond so impressively in getting us out of a hole here at nil advance notice. We couldn’t leave the building overnight with the front door wide open!

I have just had some of the most heart-warming feedback about Aaron our concierge from a lady who is in later life who has suffered a stroke in recent years and can at times struggle with the tasks we take for granted. Aaron was keen to assist this lady when she needed help with some computer courses we run here. He was polite, courteous, helpful and above all treated this person with dignity and respect. 

Reida excels in customer service and his ‘meet and greet’ skills are excellent. He has been singled out by both our landlord and tenants and we have received numerous compliments. Below is one example; I work for UBS in 9 Appold Street and would like to say a big Thank You! to Reida for being the friendliest and most considerate security guard I’ve ever met. Reida was very kind to help me get in and out of the building when I was pregnant and too big to use the rotating doors safely and with ease

Dear Building Manager - 25 Copthall Avenue, I just wanted to convey my gratitude to you and the main reception staff for their professionalism and fantastic customer service skills. I have been based up on the 4th floor out of Marex for over a year now.
Everyone that I know and have working with me have been very complimentary of your staff and especially Katerina on the main reception. She has always shown a high degree of professionalism and courtesy while showing a superior level of alertness and adherence to rules and procedures.  This allows confidence in us who utilise the premises that security and procedures are always prioritised. Similarly Jamie on main reception has also shown an excellent level of professionalism and service and is also a favourite with a lot of staff in the building. I'm not sure if you guys are shown any or enough appreciation but I just wanted to on this occasion to convey how much the superior level of professionalism by the main reception staff is appreciated. Thank you.

“I am writing to express our gratitude for Mr Garrido’s work at our office. Humberto Garrido has been guarding our facilities on Henry Wood House for the past few months with extreme care and dedication to ensuring the security and aftercare of our office. Since his arrival, Mr Garrido has successfully prevented the destruction of high value technological equipment and furniture by successfully reporting even the smallest incidents of leaking. His commitment of rigorously checking all our facilities several times throughout the night has helped us preserve our space and provided a much appreciated piece of mind. 

“May I just mention at this stage that Humberto was a complete underdog. I don’t believe many people would have recruited him, broken English,oldish, no security experience, but genuinely nice and I liked him straight away. This comes to prove that people deserve chances! I will happily make him employee of the month for February 2018! Look after him after I leave! Maris Markopoulou”

“It is my pleasure to nominate Cristina Buculei who is an absolute asset to your company. She goes above and beyond every day working above and beyond what she is contracted to out of her own interests. She is a pleasure to work with and makes my life as a property manager a whole lot easier. She is very friendly and is really appreciated by all of the tenants- I only have positive feedback."

The security guard who is in on Sundays (he was on yesterday) is great at his job and makes coming in on Sundays a pleasure. I popped in with the Mrs yesterday after a Valentines lunch and he let us both in (after I showed my pass), signed us in for safety reasons then signed us out when we left. He’s not always on when I come in but he is awesome when he is.

Sabir, Just a quick line to thank you for being able to respond so impressively in getting us out of a hole here at nil advance notice. We couldn’t leave the building overnight with the front door wide open!

If I could just say that in my first month here I have found the security team to be helpful and professional at all times, they have been very helpful when needed.

Good morning, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the great work Sotiris Christou is doing on the ground floor reception at Martin Lane. It’s so nice to walk into the building each morning to be greeted by a smile and wishing me a good day. I also want to say big thank you for assisting me with all of the deliveries I receive each week, he is always so helpful and nothing is too much trouble for him. It’s a real pleasure to have you managing our offices here at Martin Lane.